since i like never use this tumblr i might as well post my new one.

i’ve only had it a portion of the time of this one and have literally 7 times as many followers so i don’t know what that says. but yeah, it’s a lot of nerdy anime shit. whatever. i post other stuff too… and still occasionally post bad text posts. but not nearly as frequently or whiny. 

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Anonymous Asked: Actually about your text post . what is '' in shape '' ? since when was there only one shape that everybody has to be in ? exactly not everyone wants to be skinny & skinny doesn't always mean healthy or in shape it could also mean anorexic or sick & there are plenty of people that are supposedly by your standard ''in shape'' and hate their body and feel that they're too skinny like my friend .

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Yeah, but there are some people who legitimately can’t lose weight for whatever genetic reason.

Yeah, I clarified that in my next post. There are people with disorders and bad genetics. They don’t apply, but eating and exercise habits in the US are inherently awful. And I think that needs to change. The mentality of “it’s ok to eat as much as you want and be lazy because you’re beautiful no matter what” needs to go away. It sounds harsh, but it doesn’t only affect that individual who chooses to be overweight, it affects everyone because they are supporting businesses and trades that benefit from overweight people. It affects the entire community and those companies only continue to take advantage of a serious problem.

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You’re right. You deserve to have the entirety of Tumblr after you. This is a very naive statement.

there are people with legitimate problems like thyroid disorders, and those people don’t apply. But for the large majority, people give in to much to the convinience of fast food and consumerism in the US. And it’s very clearly a much larger problem in the United States than elsewhere in the world. Most of our lifestyles really need to change for the better of everyone.

I’m probably gonna have the entirety of tumblr after me after this but I think most fat people who say that their body is beautiful is just looking for an excuse to not get in shape.

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so yeah guys, E3 stuff and all that but… Yeezus comes out in a week

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╰☆╮kawaii boy╰☆╮: foxmccloud: king of the hill is like american tv par excellence its a...


king of the hill is like american tv par excellence its a beautifully detailed show that manages to capture the minutiae and monotony of american life without ever being condescending or obnoxious about it and it never turns its characters into oneshot jokes or resorts to inane…

i agree king of the hill is great but it ran for 13 years. not like it got taken over by family guy or some shit after the first season

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